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Saturday, 16 May 2009

A Lovely Sense of Closure - Poems by Andrew Taylor


back from the edge, where the waterfall's spray coats
your skin. Oh to be in Wales in the Autumn! When the sky

threatens to crack and take you with it, remember the candles
lit in your honour, bottom left. I always choose left over right

an odd trait from 1980s Liverpool, turning left at the bottom
of the stairs at the Everyman Bistro into the melee of familiar

Friday faces, The Blue Nile oozing from the Third Room.

After rain freshness. Trackside fences littered with amber,
reflections cast off polished rails, diesel pools a rainbow.

This Autumn age! Comfort of dark nights and neon. The
city draws in river mist, halos round street lights


How I love the smell of Autumn in the morning.
Wind throws spent leaves in a merry dance,
power cables whistle in time. As the storm
gathers in, a train pulses by on a grey horizon.

A heater clicks in Room 111 of the Days Inn,
Bristol West. Workplace shelf cleared, neutrality
brushed aside. Make a mark! capture the image,
the M5 at its rush-hour best.

Light streaks luminous outside lane. Air-condition
cold swirls through service station view. Nature
and human interaction, hard shoulder borders
ripple with nocturnal creatures.

October mist descends like a shroud, brings evening
on board. Journey through carved country, picturing
the view of cows from bridges, that cross to shelter
and dream of daybreak.

Andrew Taylor is a Liverpool based poet and co-editor of erbacce and erbacce-press. His latest collection comes from Sunnyoutside Press, Buffalo. Check out Andrew's website.

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