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Thursday, 27 March 2008

Trees On Bear Road: New Collection by Brendan Cleary

'Hank Williams on acid' is how Brendan Cleary was once described. Since 1985 he has been assailing the polite world of poetry with his bittersweet poems of hope and disappointment.

His may be a talent ‘going to waste’ but it’s fruitfully done and we are the richer for it. Bar-stools, beers, horses, girls and football (‘some things hurt more, much more than cars and girls...’ well, more than cars, but not girls): this is the territory of the not-so-lucky, the passion-wracked, the love-wrecked, the feckless, the unrecognised artists of the bedroom and the gutter, and the enemies of regular work.

This new 16-page pamphlet is published by Sunk Island Publishing and is available for £3.50 inclusive of UK postage. Please make cheques payable to Michael Blackburn and send to Sunk Island Publishing, 7 Lee Avenue, Heighington, Lincoln, LN4 1RD. Or via PayPal: moggseye[at]

Also available as a FREE pdf: Trees On Bear Road.

1 comment:

Jane Holland said...

Just written a somewhat belated review of Brendan Cleary's "Trees on Bear Road" for Paul Blackburn's WRITE OUT LOUD site.

Hopefully he'll be in touch once that's up & ready to view.

Keep on truckin'!